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My Wardrobe!

Feast your eyes over my extensive wadrobe, props and furniture!
Providing the perfect environment for one to truly appreciate the
quintessential English School Teacher, Lady of the Manor!



Traditional oak desk with ink well and wooden chair!

Teachers twin pedestal mahagony desk!

Classroom with oak floorboards to hear my stilettos!

6ft low wooden Bench!

Oak Cock Trampling Board!

Leather Chair!

Whipping Bench!

St. Andrew's Cross!

2 Meter Diameter Wheel!

Cast Iron Chair!

Inversion Rack!

Suspension Rope from a Tree!

Leather Body Bag!

Leather Straight Jacket!

Cast Iron Cage!



Wooden Rulers!

Canes, Whips, Paddles & Crops!

Electrics & Cattle Prods!

Pencils & Pens!

Leather Belts!

My Leather Gloved Hands!

Leather Shackles!



Measuring Tape!


Wooden Humbler!

Miniature Pegs!

Cock Rings!

Strap-ons & varying size Dildos,
and Anal Vibrators !

Gas Masks and Leather Hoods!

Metal Spike Wheels!

Kali's Teeth!

Nipple Clamps!

Venus 2000 Penis Pump!


My Outfits!

Leather & Cotton Pencil Skirts!

Lingerie, FF Nylon Seamed Stockings & Lacy Suspenders!

Leather Gloves in varying styles, colours and lengths!

Stiletto Court Shoes with 6 inch heels!

Satin Blouses & Cotton Shirts!

Leather Jackets & Coats!

Stunning collection of Leather Boots!

Satin full Corsets & Clincher Corsets!

Pin Strip Suits and Dresses!

Latex, PVC and Leather Outfits!

Fishnet Tights and Bodices!

Leather Corsets!

Fur Coats, jackets, stolls, hats, scarfs & rugs!


I must say, I have a wonderfully large wardrobe, so there
may be outfits that I've not mentioned, as quite honestly I do
have so many stunning Fetish wear! However, despite my ever
so large wardrobe bursting at the seams, I will still continue to add
to my incredible collection! A woman can never have enough!

Variety is the key to the spice of life!

It keeps the mind creative, whilst pleasing to the eye,
and one's muscle between one's thighs!



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After School Club!



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