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My Secret Detention Diary!!

I love to keep my secret black book, known only to very naughty pupils
as the Detention Diary! My naughty little boys with pert spankable
bottoms are often in my black book, kept locked away in a drawer in my
Office! I do love my boys to know when they've been naughty, as I write
their names into my book, not for me to remind myself of what they've
been up to, it's to make them aware they have been named and shamed!

Oh My, the things that go on in my classroom!

If you do get to read my secret diary, you will be most envious of
them! Of course, I will expect you to thoroughly enjoy my personal
interaction with them, and while your tongues remain wet with
anticipation, your penis will be drooling, and throbbing. Be warned,
take appropriate steps to prevent premature ejaculation, I would
expect this from my boys, so I often use a well warn boot lace, wrap
it around my boy's swollen balls! Mmm that often does the trick!

If your mouth is dry, make sure you have your favourite drink to
hand, and I would also suggest you purchase a bottle of liquid silk!
Oh my, liquid silk is magic! If you already have a bottle, well, you've
obviously been here before, haven't you? Why am I not surprised!

Just so you have a very good understanding of how I interact
with my naughty little boys, they will always make up for their
inadequacies and their mischievous antics in a most positive way!

Many pupils lack the ability of foresight, they are naive, and have no
experience! Don't worry, I expect it. However, I will always praise
them when praise is deemed appropriate, and it's warranted, especially
if they put some effort into their homework. Now for the very few who
lack imagination, they are for me like working with a blank canvas!

Mmm . . . I take great pleasure in helping them to see things in a
different light. I nurture, encourage, and help them on a decadent
path of orgasmic foreplay, while putting their little muscles under
intense strain. The longer one keeps an erection the more staying
power one will have, rather than spilling way before time!

They are, to put it bluntly, blessed to have a teacher, that's me,
willing to take them into my arms, or in some cases, over my knees
to give their peachy buttocks a thoroughly good old fashioned hand
spanking. If they need something a little stronger, I will have their
bottoms bent over their wooden desk, while I thwack them with
my wooden ruler, that often has the desired effect.

A little humiliation, clipping them by their earlobe, pulling
their face into my cleavage while in front of the class! Oh dear,
followed by a grip to their shorts and pulling them below their
nobly knees! After I've finished disciplining them, I may give
them preferential treatment, but it really depends on their
performance, and how much effort they've given to me.

Now, I have on a couple of occasions invited my dear twin
sister to take over while I'm unavailable, although she really is
quite the mischievous one herself!!! Be warned, she's dangerous!

Now, tell me, have you been a very naughty boy?

Are you in dyer need of my personal attention?

I have no doubt the answer is YES, in which case, CUM INSIDE
at once! There's no point in delaying things any longer. Once
inside, I will help you on your path of decadent debauchery!

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After School Club!



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